Pharmacity is one of Vietnam’s largest pharmacy chains, with 71 retail locations and plans for another 500 by 2023. Pharmacity approached Mäd after having received a successful Dynamics AX implementation by our parent company, Votiva.

They needed a fresh redesign of one of their key sales channels, their website. They also needed to handle some key problems of allowing customers to pick up orders across their many stores (while growing quickly!)

The key service deliverables for Pharmacity from Mäd were:

• Market and competitors research and analysis.
• Commerce strategy, prototyping and design.
• Advice on API creation to connect the website to ERP


The Challenge.

The challenge was that Pharmacity already had 4 million customers. So even if only 5% to 15% of this volume moved online, we would have to solve problems at scale.

At certain points, up to 1 in every 100 Vietnamese residents are using the Pharmacity website. We'd need a powerful website that's simple enough for for a child to process transactions in minutes.

For the most part, the project was executed remotely in our Phnom Penh HQ. This increases communication overhead and complexity, but it is also something that we are well versed with. We even build communications software...but that's another story.


Our Approach.

Most of the time, corporate websites fail to impress, we wanted Pharmacity to be different. We built a lean multi-disciplinary team of executives, strategists, UI and UX designers, and even developers.

Low fidelity wireframes as a start ensured that we could understand some of the key challenges while being able to iterate quickly and cost-effectively.

So why use wireframes instead of jumping right into design?


By removing colors and style and just focussing on function, wireframes help channel discussions to the high-level challenges.

Fast, Real Fast.

Wireframes can be 10x-30x faster than writing and designing HTML pages, which means we can keep iterating on feedback real fast.

Cost Effective.

Wireframes are fast and cheap to change, which means that when new requests come in, they can be wire-framed right away at little cost.

We spent a lot of time putting ourselves in the shoes of the customers and understanding their key needs, and the use cases that arise from these needs, and then designed prototypes to test these approaches.

The designs were posted on a public board in our office each week, and everyone was free to physically write comments and additions, and these would be discussed each week and step-by-step improvements to ensure a truly awesome experience for customers.


The Results.

Some of our best eCommerce work yet, we’ll let the designs and website speak for themselves. Intuitive, simple enough for a frontier market, and fast enough to work on even slow mobile connections. It is exactly what they didn't know they needed.


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